Monday, 14 November 2011

Coca Cola's Tribute to Fashion

Today when exploring the internet I cam across this. During Milan Fashion week 2011, fashion designers had designed coca cola bottles in their own unique style!

Bulmarie Coca Cola Bottles

Versace Coca Cola Bottles. I love these, I think that these ones are my favourite. The middle one reminds of Paris and Burlesque/theatre. I Love the colours on this one.

Above is Moschinos coca cola bottles. I love the flamenco inspired bottle the best. I feel that this portrays the Spanish flavour in Moschinos designs

Above is Missoni's Coca cola bottles. Missoni used there unique zig-zag stibes to create their own uniqie coca cola bottle

All the coca cola bottles designed by the designers were for coca cola light !
When I went to London fashion weekend, in the goodie bag I got a Karl Lagerfeld diet coke bottle !!
So, what do you think? Which ones are your favourite ?


None of the photos are my own unless stated otherwise.

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