Tuesday, 1 November 2011

All hail the Queen of style! Kate Middleton is crowned Britain's Best Dressed !

Duchess Catherine Middleton has been awarded britians best dressed of 2011 by the well known british magazone Harpers Bazzar !

Kate Middleton stunned us all back in April when she wore a wedding dressed designed by Alexander McQueen. People have said this has the fashion moment of the year, maybe even the fashion monemt of the century !! By Kate wearing lace deffiantly started a trend off for lace for this summer 2011.

Kate Middleton always shows adelightful taste in how a styleish sophistcated youg british shhould dresss like ! Personally I feel that she has made the lady-like look, made more trendy for youner british women !

Below is the full list of who made it in Harper’s Best Dressed Britain of 2011
1. Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge
2. Florence Welch, singer
3. Andrea Riseborough, actress
4. Kate Moss, model
5. Tilda Swinton, actress
6. Keira Knightley, actress
7. Stella McCartney, designer
8. Pheobe Philo, designer
9. Alexa Chung, presenter
10. Livia Firth, eco-businesswoman

Do you think that Kate Middleton is worthy of being awarded britains best dressed female for 2011 ?

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