Thursday, 25 August 2011

The Wide Brim Felt Hat !

I am loving the new song by Marron 5 with Christina Aguilera. I am especailly loving the wide brim felt black hat that she wears in the music video. I think that it really suits her and look very classy and also a bit retro (very vintage). The hat really stands out from the brillant blonde hair Christina has. I think that the hat is very much from the 70's style.

I really want one of these hats, my favourite one I have seen is in H&M, they have a range of colours to choose from, black, tan, or pruple. Personally I really like the black one however I am tempted by the tan as I have really dark brown hair. However I think the black one will go best with my very light complection ? ?

Wide Felt Brim Hat - H&M £9.99

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Duchess Kate Middleton's impact on fashion

I went to dublin last weekend and as I was going through debnehams, I noticed the display which showed a short black evening dress decorated with lace. The bodice part of this dress just looks like the top bodice of Kate middletons wedding dress which was deigned by the fashion of Alexander McQueen. I love this dress I think it is beautiful and elegant. I love how the lac shoes through the structure of the sweet heart lines bodice, and also how the lace covers arms. I think that debnehams have done a realy nice job on making a copy of the wedding dress. I'm glad its not white as I think it would have made it look like a wedding dress. LOVE IT xxxxxxxxxx