Friday, 8 June 2012

DIY Headband Tutorial Inspired by D&G

I had this old black velvet headband lying around so I decided to customise it a few weeks ago.  I was really pleased with how it turned out.  So decided I  would post up a little DIY tutorial on how I did it. I got my inspiration to make the hair band from Dolce and Gabbana's headbands (picture at the end). 
You will need a hairband, superglue/fabric glue, cottonwood bud, scissors and some cart bits I've used an old broken pearl necklace and to add a bit of gold I used a southern comfort necklace which I got from a club one night lol :). 

 I cut the string between the beads to get one individual beads. I then played around what sort of pattern I wanted to along my headband. 
 I then got the glue and for a more accurate and easier application of the glue I used a cotton wool stick to apply the glue onto each of the beads. 
 I kept going until the band was covered in beads from one end to the other. 
 I decided to add a few gems to mine at the end to make it appear more full and to make it a bit more glamorous. I really like how the D&G one has been cover with little gems and charms. I also love the black, gold and pearl combination. 
D&G Headband 

I will hopefully have a post of my headband with an outfit very soon, so stay tuned. I would love to hear your comments and thoughts of what you thought of my DIY tutorial. While the summer is hear have a go !



  1. Love this DIY V!! Definitely going to try this! :) xxx

  2. Thank you my dear :) And yes you must zzz

  3. Must try this x

  4. great work!I want to make too and find your blog.Follow each other?