Thursday, 25 August 2011

The Wide Brim Felt Hat !

I am loving the new song by Marron 5 with Christina Aguilera. I am especailly loving the wide brim felt black hat that she wears in the music video. I think that it really suits her and look very classy and also a bit retro (very vintage). The hat really stands out from the brillant blonde hair Christina has. I think that the hat is very much from the 70's style.

I really want one of these hats, my favourite one I have seen is in H&M, they have a range of colours to choose from, black, tan, or pruple. Personally I really like the black one however I am tempted by the tan as I have really dark brown hair. However I think the black one will go best with my very light complection ? ?

Wide Felt Brim Hat - H&M £9.99

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